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SHRRCA is a 501C(3) non profit organization based in the SF Bay Area, but working with foster homes and rescuers throughout the State of California, Oregon, and Nevada. We also have contacts in most states in the United States.

Though we work primarily with Siberian Huskies and SH mixes, we will occasionally list other northern breeds for adoption. However, we feel there are other good organizations focused on  those breeds and we encourage you to contact them. However, we will list all lost and found northern breed dogs.

Normally, the dogs that we foster are slightly older, rather than new puppies. This means you're likely to get a dog which doesn't require the intensive time and training a new puppy requires, and you won't be surprised by how the grown up dog looks or how big s/he gets.

For inquiries about the organization, to donate items or money, or intrest in participating or volunteering to the organization, please send us an email at


Dogs are fostered in private homes by members of SHRRCA.

SHRRCA is a membership organization, and you must be a member in order to foster dogs. If you're interested in fostering one or more dogs while they are waiting for a permanent home, please send us an email at for membership information and a copy of our foster home agreement. All foster homes are subject to certain standards.

Before or upon entering our foster homes, all dogs will be spayed or neutered.


Inquiries on adopting specific dogs should be sent to the person identified in the listing. If you fail to reach this individual, you may contact for assistance. Please send the dog and ID, or the link to the dog's page in the mail so we have a reference on the dog to which you are interested.

We do ask for a nominal donation upon adoption of dogs in our foster care. This helps us continue our work.


Membership is $20 per year and includes a subscription to the monthly SHRRCA Newsletter, which includes current listings of dogs available for adoption..

For further information Please send us an email at, or call 800-473-2274.

Note that long distance calls may be returned collect


We make every effort to keep the website and database accurate. However sometimes there are errors. If you have a listing and want to make changes, please send a message to with the subject that includes the name of the dog, and it's ID, and list the changes you desire. If the changes come from an e-mail address that is different than on the listing, an e-mail to the original address or phone call may be required to verify the changes. Note that the actual source of the submission and email will be archived for verification.

For assistance with using the forms to add a listing, check the online help links by clicking on the item name on the form. If you are still having problems, please send an e-mail to and describe the problem that you are having.

This site will only list dogs that currently reside in California, Oregon, and Nevada, or from organizations that are registered in our database. For listing help, or dogs in other states or countries, please check the appropriate geographical region in the National Siberian Husky Rescue site at:

For general website inquiries, suggestions, or comments, please send an email to We will be happy to respond, and are interested in your comments.

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