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Benny is an Available Siberian Husky

This entry has expired and the information may no longer be current

This is Benny

He is a neutered Male, 4 years old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Children, good with Small Children, good with Large Dogs, good with Small Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations, microchipped, has Papers.

I’m moving to Costa Rica in November, and want to rehome my husky Benny to his dream life before I go. I’m willing to travel anywhere in the northern United States to find the right home. So if this description feels like a perfect fit for you, I can’t wait to connect!

He’s been trained to pull me on my skateboard, and loooves it. Being interested in having him pull you, and being capable of his 10-25mph 2-6 mile runs 5-10x per week is my highest prerequisite. He knows left, right, slow down, stop and speed up. I firmly believe this training and “job” for him is part of why he’s so extremely well behaved. He can pull when you tell him, then walk with little to no pulling when you’re walking. He’s very quiet, and relaxed. Happy to receive pets and lay around waiting for outdoor excitement. Whether that’s sniffing for ages, pulling skateboard, or romping out in nature, he can’t get enough. He’s an amazing dog and it breaks my heart to leave him, so the least I can do is find him the perfect forever home.

He also does well with other dogs, some high energy dogs will instigate fights, and some small dogs will get defend, but never his fault and he calls off well.

He’s the sweetest dog to people, wouldn’t hurt a fly, except cats/squirrels etc. those he will chase/kill.

I want him to go to someone who will see it as a fun privilege to take him for a pull, rather than a chore. I want him to go to someone who will take him for long hikes in nature off leash so he can satisfy his “chase” instinct outside of city dangers. I would also love for him to find a home with 1-3 other pups, because he loves company. Someone who will love him like a best friend and make him a priority, giving him “his best life”. I’d prefer to get him to someone who lives in Tahoe, or somewhere with easy access to nature, not downtown Reno.

If this sounds like you, please feel free to reach out. I will not be easy to let him go, unless it’s a perfect fit. So if you aren’t a skateboarder who can handle speed, sketch, and the inevitable road rash without fear, then PLEASE don’t waste our time.

My Benny will be rehomed to a better situation than I’m giving him now, and that’s no easy task, so I’m hoping YOU perfect person reaches out from this ad and finds your doggy soul mate

For more information call Jacob Robie at 775-336-9958, or email

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