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Lucky is an Available Husky Mix

This is Lucky

He is a neutered Male, 13 months old, good with Children, good with Small Children, good with Large Dogs, good with Small Dogs.

This dog was rescued from my neighbor from an abusive home. My neighbor could not keep him contained because he didn't have a fenced in yard. We told him we would find him a good home and a loving owner with patience and a kind heart. He is a little jumpy when riding in a car and with some contact, but he is very friendly once he feels safe. After running away from my neighbor, Lucky was found far away by two moms with four small children ranging in age from 3-9 years old. They reported that Lucky was very, very, sweet and gentle with the children. The kids were high energy and surrounding him at times and wanting to pet and play with him, feeding him by hand, and he was never anything but gentle. They also reported that when they tried to put him on a leash, he got very submissive and laid down in gentle but absolute protest - which also made them think he'd been abused. Lucky will need someone with patience for leash training, and it will be well worth it - everyone falls in love with this dog!
LUCKY has been taken to the Butte CO Shelter on2787 S. 5th Ave.,Orovllle, CA
Phone number (530) 533-9636

For more information call Vickie Martin at 530-873-5210, or email

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