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Bella is a Placed Siberian Husky

This is Bella

She is a spayed Female, 5 years old, Crate Trained, good with Children, good with Small Children, good with Large Dogs, has Rabies vaccinations, microchipped.

Bella is running out of time. She has to find a new home very soon. Her next step is going to be Humane services. I'm unable to give her the care she needs in her current home because of my health condition. She needs an adopter or that special person to take her into their home.
Bella is a five year old purebred Siberian husky with Alaskan lineage. She has been acclimated to both hot and cold climates. Bella has been raised as an outside dog and hasn’t been house trained, but rather kennel trained outside. However, Bella is smart and takes commands well. She’s been trained to recognize quite a few verbal and hand signal commands. With training and patience, even at her age, she could be an inside dog. Bella is best suited for homes that already have a medium to large size dogs that aren’t overly dominant or aggressive, or a home where she is the only dog would also suffice. Prospective adopters should be keen on Siberian husky temperament and habits. Although she is affectionate, generally gentle and great with people, children and other dogs, please note she can play aggressively depending on the person playing with her. She is an active dog who likes to play, run and be walked. She must be leashed at all times for she likes to run. She is also a clever escape artist. It’s best to feed her away from other animals. You should not try to take her food bowl while she is eating, she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like her tail being pulled. However, Bella loves tummy rubs and being bathed. She’s also a grateful licker. Bella is micro-chipped, spayed, has AKC papers and current on all shots.
In summary, Bella is a sweet girl that needs love, affection and consistent interaction. She really is a good dog that needs an active owner and or active family. Bella thrives on attention and affection.

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