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Timber is an Available Siberian Husky

This entry has expired and the information may no longer be current

This is Timber

He is a neutered Male, 5 years old, good with Children, good with Small Children, good with Large Dogs, microchipped.

Timber is a 5 yr old Husky. He is very sweet and even tempered. He is excellent with children of all ages. He is excellent with other dogs. He is curious about cats. He hasn't been able to catch up to one for me to assess how he would do, but I suspect it would not end well for the cat. He has a strong prey drive and ate one of my hens on sight.

I was told Timber was housebroken, but since I took him in 3 weeks ago he seems to prefer using my dining room as his toilet.

He is incredibly smart and can escape almost anything. He can open "slap handle" doors, dig under fences and escape from his chest harness. He is not bothered by livestock hot wire or barbed wire. If he wants out, he's getting out. Timber doesn't chew or bark. He loves to talk when he gets excited.

I taught him to sit and give paw. He picks up new training quickly but he constantly tests his limits. He needs someone consistent about rules. Timber reminds me of a raptor from Jurrasic Park. Very smart. Very clever. Always checking for weaknesses to exploit. It is absolutely hilarious, but also challenging.

Timber really needs stay at home parents. If he can share a bed with someone, he would be happy. He used to sleep in a bed with a young child.

Timber loves to run and pull. He needs an owner who likes to run daily.

This boy needs an educated and capable owner. He is a huge responsibility, but he is an amazing boy. He deserves an amazing home.

For more information call Lorie Gomes at 916-207-2466, or email

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