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Sakura is an Available Siberian Husky

This entry has expired and the information may no longer be current

This is Sakura

She is a spayed Female, 3 years old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, good with Children, has Rabies vaccinations, on Heartworm preventative, microchipped.

About Sakura: her name is Japanese and means Cherry Blossom. She is a truly beautiful red Siberian Husky with gold eyes. She is the calmest husky you will ever meet. She sleeps most of the day! She likes a short morning walk and then an hour walk in the evening once it cools down. She is house-trained! Potty-trained. She loves all people! She loves to lay down just to get pet. She is not very vocal unless she wants to tell you she needs to go outside. She walks very well on a leash, unless she sees another dog, she does need someone or a trainer to help work with her on that. She does commands! She knows Sit, Lay Down, Paw, Other Paw, Stay / Wait, she is working on learning Leave It and Drop it a bit too. I am happy to let you know more about her. Introductions would need to be very slow with another dog. She likes her space.
She is Spayed.
She has chew toys, food, treats, a bed, blankets and other comforts.
I have more photos and videos to share of her too.
I took her in to keep her out of the shelter but I will be leaving California and flying back home and need to find her a placement.

For more information call Lindsay Ware at 267-328-7670, or email

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