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Found Dogs in California and Nevada:

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Northern California

None listed at this time

North Eastern California

Male, age unknown, Tan and White, Blue eyes

None is Found Do you know me? "None" -- Found this dog on my property and don't wanna see it go to the pound.
An update on None
I had to have the Yuba county animal control come get him because he wouldn't stay in the kennel and I did not want him to chase live stock or get hit by a car or something worse. So he is on a 4 day hold waiting for his owners. I have been told that after that they will temperament test and heart worm test if he passes they will then put him up for adoption. Just wanted to update everyone. This was done yesterday, June 28th
For more information call B Hobbs at 530-933-1987, or email

San Francisco Bay Area

Male, age unknown, Black and White, Blue eyes

Do you know me? "Unknown" -- found husky in the Glenmoore area of fremont
For more information call Steven Nauss at 510-304-6995, or email


Female, 3 years old, White, Blue eyes

Demi is Found Do you know me? "Demi" -- This is the ad I placed (i've altered it again) & thought I had found her a wonderful home but at the last minute the young man changed his mind. I am out of time due to moving in couple of weeks.

"Due to a move in couple weeks, we are looking for a home for Demi. She is a very playful white Siberian Husky about 2 1/2 yo. She is very friendly with people, but isn't always good with other dogs that show any signs of aggression, especially around food or dog treats, or dogs that are smaller than her, and she loves to be the center of attention. We rescued her from the streets about a year & half ago+. She can be trained with time and patience. But other than that she is really a sweet, loving dog who wants to please. Loves to be in the house but needs her own things/toys for her to chew on, so it's not your furniture or rugs, lol. She is housebroken (but has mostly been outside for about the past year) and is both an indoor/outdoor dog, knows basic commands but wouldn't expect her to stay in front of an open gate as she can never be off the leash outside of a fenced yard, anyone who knows this breed should know that. She is free but there will be a $25 return fee as I really need to find her a home ASAP. I do not want to have to surrender her to any shelter. Please call Paula at 707.318.3844 if interested.
For more information call David Hey at 209-688-6949, or email

Central California

Male, 18 months old, Grey and White, Brown eyes

Rj is Found Do you know me? "Rj" -- This is a friendly Husky that was found roaming the street for a couple weeks. He is great with my other dogs and comfortable in the house. He is fine around the kids. He however does not like dry dog food. He prefers to be inside on the tile then out playing in the grass outside. I cannot keep him as my yard and house are not equipped for three dogs.
For more information call Patty Richardson at 661-496-0497, or email

Female, 12 months old, Grey and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Unknown is Found "Unknown" -- Found in NW Fresno on 6/27/2017. No microchip, no tags, not spayed. Short haired (the vet thinks she's a Siberian Husky). Very sweet disposition, loves playing and jumping up on people. Not great on a leash. Not aggressive towards children, people, or other dogs. She needs to get home!
For more information call Amanda Libke at 559-430-5610, or email

Central Coast California

None listed at this time

Southern California

Female, age unknown, Black and White, Blue eyes

Unknown is Found "Unknown" -- very friendly dog. Showed up on the patio. doesn't seem to know much english.
Found in Sun Valley, CA.
http://4633 Van Nuys Boulevard
For more information call Jenny Bommer at 818-310-2733, or email

Female, age unknown, White, Blue eyes

Wo is Found Do you know me? "Wo" -- 9 week old puppy. Abandoned in a foreclosed home. Sweet and loving.
For more information call Karen Guggenmos at 760-946-1095, or email

Female, age unknown, Red and White, Blue eyes

Ro is Found Do you know me? "Ro" -- 9 week old puppy. Abandoned in foreclosed home with her sister and mother. Very sweet and full of personality.
For more information call Karen Guggenmos at 760-946-1095, or email

Male, 3 years old, Black and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Buddy is Found Do you know me? "Buddy" -- ATTENTION: Anyone looking for a new addition to their family please read. For those who don't know I work in South Central Los Angeles where I encounter ALOT of homeless dogs. I always do what I can for them when I am able. I recently came across a husky that was roaming a park. He was severely malnourished, riddled with fleas and filthy as you'd imagine. Unfortunately due to my dogs I currently have I cannot take in another dog. I brought Bud (husky) home to try and bring him back to health and hopefully find him a good home.

He is a male husky, approx 3 years old 49lbs, and is not fixed. He has a very calm personality considering he is a husky. He has been friendly to everyone I've brought him around and for the most part is well behaved. He was a street dog so he is not trained to sit, lay down or is very well on a leash. I am currently working with him to teach him little things. He has a great personality and has a lot of energy to play. We recently took him to the vet where he received his flea pill, rabies shot, parvo shot, and his first round of ring worm. He needs to be groomed but we haven't had a day that the vet wasn't packed. We did bathe him so he is nice and clean.

He will work best as an only dog. He does get along with other dogs but he is very dominant due to his life as a drifter. He is not aggressive towards my dogs but attempts to show his dominance. If you have another husky I hear they get along better but again he did come from being a independent dog surviving on his own so his dominance is going to most likely stay. If you'd like to meet him or have any questions please message me. I really want to find him a great home seeing as he is a really good dog. If I could keep him myself I would but it wouldn't be fair to any of my dogs.

Please see attached pictures of Bud. (P.S. he does not know his name yet. I named him Bud because I found him off Budlong and 61st Street).
For more information call Jamie Fink at 713-550-6871, or email

Male, 6 years old, Silver and White, Blue eyes

Do you know me? "Takata" -- Please need your help. My niece found this dog a few mo this ago and is too much for her and she is getting ready to send him to the pound. He is a good dog but a husky is a lot to deal with.
Found in Tustin, CA in April.
For more information call Amber Rohas at 714-363-2196, or email

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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