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Found Dogs in California and Nevada:

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Northern California

None listed at this time

North Eastern California

None listed at this time

San Francisco Bay Area

Male, 4 months old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Unknown is Found Do you know me? "Unknown" -- Beautiful playful husky. I found him in Hayward
I need to find a home for him soon as possible any help would be greatly appreciated.
For more information call Branden Nichelson at 209-252-5143, or email

Female, 11 months old, Grey and White, Brown eyes

Miley is Found Do you know me? "Miley" -- Very sweet and energetic girl. Plays fetch and wants to wrestle. Good with other dogs, very sociable. Friendly with men, women, and kids. Found as stray two weeks ago but she is too much for our household. Needs lots of playtime and companionship. Will be great dog when she has more training. Found spay tattoo, had basic immunizations, & microchip done this week.

Been surrendered to the Hayward shelter.
For more information call Nancy McIntyre at 510-470-3088, or email

Male, 12 months old, Black and White, Blue eyes

None - Puppy is Found Do you know me? "None - Puppy" -- We found this dog on 4/21/17, in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland. It was in the ivy near the freeway and was scared. We put a leash on him, he had no collar and is not chipped. Our vet did an exam (it was clean). Our vet thinks he is between 10-18 months, he is neutered. He is not house trained but we are working on it, and making progress.

He is great, playful, loving, amazing, and handsome! Just a terrific dog!! We would keep him but we already have 2 dogs and 3 birds and we don't have the yard he needs.
For more information call Denise Alvarado at 925-708-4695, or email


Female, 2 years 11 months old, White, Blue eyes

Demi is Found Do you know me? "Demi" -- This is the ad I placed (i've altered it again) & thought I had found her a wonderful home but at the last minute the young man changed his mind. I am out of time due to moving in couple of weeks.

"Due to a move in couple weeks, we are looking for a home for Demi. She is a very playful white Siberian Husky about 2 1/2 yo. She is very friendly with people, but isn't always good with other dogs that show any signs of aggression, especially around food or dog treats, or dogs that are smaller than her, and she loves to be the center of attention. We rescued her from the streets about a year & half ago+. She can be trained with time and patience. But other than that she is really a sweet, loving dog who wants to please. Loves to be in the house but needs her own things/toys for her to chew on, so it's not your furniture or rugs, lol. She is housebroken (but has mostly been outside for about the past year) and is both an indoor/outdoor dog, knows basic commands but wouldn't expect her to stay in front of an open gate as she can never be off the leash outside of a fenced yard, anyone who knows this breed should know that. She is free but there will be a $25 return fee as I really need to find her a home ASAP. I do not want to have to surrender her to any shelter. Please call Paula at 707.318.3844 if interested.
For more information call David Hey at 209-688-6949, or email

Central California

Female, 2 months old, Black and White, Brown eyes

Unknown is Found Do you know me? "Unknown" -- I need help asap. My neighbors dog just escaped their house where she spent her entire life locked in a bed room with cement and an old couch and her mother. I took her into my house before they saw and they don't know I have her. She is a husky mix and she is nearly hairless from mange, extremely skinny, and her nails are way over grown. I have tryed to help then with their other dogs that iv seen that they still let outside but they have refused the help. I can not return this poor girl to live in that hell. Is there any way you could help me help her or know someone who can?
For more information call Whitney Laymon at 559-290-2835, or email

Central Coast California

None listed at this time

Southern California

Female, 5 months old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Floki is Found Do you know me? "Floki" -- I found this dog on may 13
For more information call Karen Baghinyan at 818-856-6156, or email

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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