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This is a listing of dogs that are available from groups or individuals that are NOT associated with Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California.

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And though these are considered "Private Party" dogs, they may be associated with a group that charges adoption fees and/or have screening processes.

Consider having the dog checked by a vet, see it in several different surroundings, and/or obtain the advice on this dog from someone who is knowlegeable about the Siberian Husky Breed before acquiring the dog.

To see listings of dogs available through an approved Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California foster home, please see the SHRR Available Dogs page. There are many Siberian Huskies on this site that need homes.


Currently Available:

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Northern California

None listed at this time

North Eastern California

Male, 2 years 11 months old, Grey and White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Timber is Available Do you have a place for me? "Timber" -- Absolute love, had formal obedience in house training, trained on shock collar as well. Just needs way more attention than we are able to provide him. He is very high energy, and is typical of the breed and will run away when given the opportunity. He is a chewer and a digger. He is fully house trained, but can not be left alone or he will destroy things. He broke his crate but has been crate trained as well, just will
Not stop barking and yelling in one. Re-homing him will be extremely difficult, as we adore him, but he has become too much for us to handle. He has eaten our goats and sheep, and being a family with super active kids, I feel like we are failing him in the exercise department. No matter how much we let him. Out or take him camping with us, it’s not enough. He needs someone with him at all times and then he’d be the best dog in the world. He’s very smart, and extremely sweet and loving.
For more information call Clarisse Fanning at 530-295-7250, or email

Female, 11 years old, White, Bi-Eyed eyes

Mara is Available Do you have a place for me? "Mara" -- Mara was a stray (abandoned?) that we found on July 4th running loose in the El Dorado National Forest. We gave her information to El Dorado County Animal Control and posted her information on Facebook, but no one claimed her. We would love to keep her, but unfortunately she does not get along with our other female husky mix. She does get along good with our male akita mix and she does not chase our cats. She is a very high energy dog. She is also a very affectionate dog. We have been working with her on leash training and some other obedience training.
For more information call Kevin Carlson at 530-306-1927, or email

San Francisco Bay Area

Female, 13 months old, Black Tan and White, Brown eyes

Evanie is Available Do you have a place for me? "Evanie" -- Evanie is a high energy, friendly, and intelligent dog. She sits, lies down, stays, shakes, speaks, rolls over and barks when she needs to go potty. She loves walks, runs and being outdoors. She is not aggressive and did well with other dogs (at puppy class). She has a collapsible, wire crate which will be given to the new owner. We need to rehome Evanie because of family health issues.
For more information call Linda Pettigrew at 510-299-4947, or email

Male, 4 years old, Black and White, Amber eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Yoshi" -- Help me please, I can not keep my husky anymore I will be homeless and have no where for him to go. I adopted him from a shelter and I do not want to take him back. I am needing to find a place for him asap.
For more information call Cierra Smiley at 707-720-6701, or email

Male, 7 months old, Grey and White, Brown eyes

Dozer is Available "Dozer" -- Dozer is house trained, knows basic commands, is still working on call back commands as he tries to get away with not coming back when off the leash but he knows he should and he eventually does as long as you keep on him, he is socialized with kids and all dogs sizes. He has learned so much and is eager to learn more. We taught him to wait for the command to eat his food when it has been served as he used to just dive in as you were pouring it and now he won't even touch it without you saying "eat!" or "go ahead". He loves kids and is great with other dogs big or small but we are not sure about cats and wouldn't recommend him for a cat household to be safe. He is crated trained and will actually go to his crate on his own when he is tired for the night. He needs a household that has time to give him attention daily whether it's being included in the household or being taken for walks or out and about.
For more information call Katie Risner at 925-849-7591, or email

Male, 10 years old, White, Blue eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Blue" -- Blue is a 10 year old neutered Siberian Husky. He was my uncle's dog, but he passed away in November and we have been caring for him since his passing. We have really tried to integrate him into our family, but we have 3 other dogs (two of them are small), and 2 cats.

Blue is a very loved dog, but he has behavior issues. He is food aggressive, has severe separation anxiety (he's eaten a metal door knob) and bitten one of our small dogs which required surgery. If he is lying on furniture and you try to grab his collar to get him down, he will snap at you. We have tried so hard to make him part of our family, but with these behavior issues it has been really difficult.

We will be keeping Blue until we find a new home for him; we will not take him to a shelter. We understand because of his advanced age and behavior issues he will be very hard to rehome, but we don't have a time limit. I know in a shelter he would be a prime candidate for euthanasia and that is not an option for us. He just needs the right home situation and he will thrive.

Please don't misunderstand me, we love Blue and want him to have a wonderful life. Blue can be the sweetest dog in the world, given the right conditions. He is usually very sweet and loving with us, and he was fine with our small dogs until he bit our dog over a piece of food. He needs to be in a home where he is the only animal, the owner either works from home or owns their own business because of his separation anxiety, and I know he desperately misses male companionship because he was very close to my uncle. Overall, Blue is a very good boy and would make someone very happy as a companion. We just can't provide the right kind of home for him to thrive in his retirement years.

Blue is absolutely stunning, he has a pure white coat with piercing blue eyes. He is extremely thin, but still weighs around 70lbs. He does very well at the groomer. He is currently on medication for his separation anxiety, and he has been to the vet recently and he doesn't have any health issues that we know of. If you met him, you would never guess he's 10! He moves really well, and I believe he still has several good years ahead of him and I would love to see him live with someone that loves him as much as we do.

He would do well with an experienced Husky owner. If anyone is interested in adopting him we would have to meet them in person and visit their home to see what kind of conditions he would be living in.
For more information call Taylor Adrian at 614-721-4799, or email

Male, 3 years old, White, Amber eyes

Do you have a place for me? "Lux" -- Lux is a beautiful boy who loves being with his people. He is especially find of women, and warms up to men given a little time and reassurance. Excellent running partner, walks well with gentle leader. Has lived with small dogs and done fine.
For more information call Heather Haines at 408-824-4790, or email

Female, 6 years old, Tan and White, Blue eyes

Shiva is Available Do you have a place for me? "Shiva" -- Husky mix
Female, spayed, 6years old
Tan/ white with blue eyes
Very mellow, super sweet with all humans. She has a loving and really goofy personality.
She is independent and is happy alone or cuddling with her humans.

She is loving, sweet and food motivated.

She is a friendly, people-oriented dog. She is mellow, is happy, loves treats, and she's curious and very aware of her surroundings. Shiva is a unpredictable with other dogs, and would do best in a home with no other dogs (but other animals are fine)!

Shiva is a great looking dog who's easy to leash up And amazing on the leash. She's really smart and is a curious girl who enjoys sniffing, sun bathing, going on walks, and exploring everything! Shiva is ideally looking for a dog free home.
For more information call Kristen Mathias at 707-480-1606, or email

Female, 5 years old, Silver and White, Amber eyes

Sochi is Available Do you have a place for me? "Sochi" -- Hello we have a Siberian husky we have been trying to find the right home for years. We are in desperate need of help. I had to give her to my parents but my parents are selling their home because they cant afford the mortgage payments anymore. My mom is moving in with us and we arent allowed to have her here. She needs to go to a home with adults or older children. She is good with large dogs at the dog park.
Please we would really like to see her go to a good home and not a shelter. . she was a gift and i was not able to contact who we got her from so i was not able to return her. Please help. We have been trying to find a home for her for the last 5 years and we are out of time.
For more information call MELANIE GUADAGNI at 408-417-7975, or email

Male, 4 years old, Grey and White, Blue eyes

Echo is Available Do you have a place for me? "Echo" -- Echo is a neutered Male, 4 years old, Housetrained, Lead Trained, has Obedience training, has Rabies vaccinations, has DHLPP vaccinations and is microchipped. Echo is a happy & energetic boy ready to be adopted by a suitable & loving family! He loves to jog or run in the park. He could be either the only dog or a 2nd dog in your household.
For more information call Jennie Chen at 408-455-1419, or email

Male, 6 years old, Black Tan and White, Brown eyes

Yuko And Kodak is Available "Yuko And Kodak" -- Meet Yuko and Kodak, two handsome and healthy Siberian Huskies, brothers and the sweetest dogs you've ever met. While they love a good walk and are playful with other dogs, they are very calm and happy to snooze the day away, sit with you to watch a movie, or sit nearby as you work at your desk.

Yuko is a very good communicator and listener. He is sweet and shy and prefers people one on one. (“red” or copper coloring)
Kodak acts like the alpha dog and has to be first, eager to show you he’s your best friend. Kodak seeks out people and will seek to be at your side whatever you’re doing. (grey coloring)

Both dogs are well trained and excellent with children.
Unlike other Huskies, these dogs don’t howl much. They are also very mellow.
They grew up together and would like to stay together into their next home.

Kennel trained and treat responsive
Up to date with all shots
Healthy and Happy

Change in work situation means parents aren’t home enough to give them the daily walks and care they need.
For more information call Joie H at 408-236-1658, or email


Female, 8 years old, Black Tan and White, Brown eyes

Mia is Available Do you have a place for me? "Mia" -- Loving fun energetic shes whiteish beige back is. Black she comes from a long breed of huskys allher sibli gs got colored eyex mia didnt but is just ass beautiful
For more information call Gina Rodriguez at 916-286-9893, or email

Female, 4 years old, Black and White, Blue eyes

Nala is Available Do you have a place for me? "Nala" -- We need to find Nala a new home.
For more information call Andrea Damiano at 916-690-3707, or email VITTORIA0430@COMCAST.NET

Female, 6 years old, Silver and White, Brown eyes

Mika is Available Do you have a place for me? "Mika" -- Mika is a female, husky between 5-8 years old. We came about Mika through a friend that saved her from an extremely abusive environment. Mika was locked in a cage 24/7 without food or water by owners who were purposely trying to euthanize her. Our friend had no other information about Mika, so we took her in not knowing what she was like or what she was capable of. She came into our home with two Queensland Heelers, myself and my husband. She lived just us 5, for about two years until our first born baby came along. Our daughter is now 19 months old.

Mika is VERY sweet and lives to please! She genuinely loves people. Her groomers absolutely adore her and love when she comes for her bath. She thrives on a strong alpha figure in her life. Currently this person is my husband. Mika had been with us only a few weeks, when she snapped at my husband, Davin. He reacted with his loud booming voice, and immediately was on top of Mika. She ran scared of him, and this was the last time we had a situation like this towards other humans. She comes into the house every night and greets Davin first and offers a paw - we call this “an offering of a paw in friendship.” There is most definitely a hierarchy in Mika’s mind. She gets along with our other two dogs, but is in constant competition to be the leader of the dogs. Of our two Queensland’s, we have two different personalities. Maddie is 11 years old - she has zero dominant bones in her body and wouldn’t hurt a fly (maybe a bird if she could catch one). She is the one Mika is after the most - we have many times had to pull Mika off of Maddie. This isn’t a dog fight there is never any biting, just noise. Mika is reminding maddie she’s in charge of her. And then we have Jake - an 8 year old male who couldn’t care less about other dogs. He’s the master of ignoring other animals. He only cares about Me (Sam). However, Mika’s high energy and want to play often irritates Jake who will get up from wherever he’s sleeping to go at Mika in an effort to make her stop. She most times “listens” to him and twice it has escalated into a situation where she’s trying to defend herself. Jake has fought back, but he’s no where near a size to compete in a fight with Mika.

Mika as mentioned before, is an absolute sweetheart. She loves belly rubs, will lay with you and lives to please. She loves to play! Hot laps are her favorite especially with you’re participating. She does play rough, as her veterinarian put it, “she treats you like a dog.”

We are looking to re-home Mika because of a bite that occurred on our daughter. Mika has tried her best to be patient with the baby. She has let the baby pet her and sit with her, has been gentle in taking food from her. But our daughter has a loud personality and we always could see in Mika’s face she was uncomfortable. What happened between our daughter and Mika is in no way Mika’s fault. We understand that. It has come to our attention after this incident that we don’t feel Mika is happy here. She does have a strong prey drive - she’s had many chicken dinners and has caught gophers and rats. We do feel she would kill a cat if the situation presented itself. She does not do well with dogs outside of her pack. She has a “get them first before they get me” view on the world outside of her home.
For more information call Samantha Baez at 209-670-4889, or email

Central California

Female, 17 months old, Black and White, Brown eyes

Denis is Available Do you have a place for me? "Denis" -- A man bought this dog for her daughter but she didn't want the dog, he was going to give the dog to SPCA. Dog was born in Feb, 16, 2018
For more information call Nathalia Ruiz at 559-832-3214, or email

Female, 7 years old, White, Blue eyes

Willow is Available "Willow" -- Sweetest dog, great with kids, tons of energy, loves to play and run and go on long bike rides
For more information call Kala Humphres at 209-604-2511, or email

Central Coast California

Male, 17 months old, Black and White, Brown eyes

Neptune is Available Do you have a place for me? "Neptune" -- We need help finding the right home for our granddog, Neptune. We are reaching out to the Husky community to help one of their own. As quickly as possible we want him established with a loving family so he can thrive and so we can soften the separation from his current situation.

An Alaskan Husky, Neptune was born in January 2018, somewhere in the Central Valley of California. Early veterinary information is available. We don’t know about his canine parents or his siblings or what kind of human parents he had. About a month later, in late February 2018, he was sold on Craigslist to our son’s girlfriend, who picked Neptune up in Fresno CA and brought him to Seaside CA as a gift to our 22 year old son, where Neptune lived with our son and girlfriend, and a housemate in a small 2 bedroom house with a modest side yard until October 2018, when their lease ran out. Attached photos include images of his first ride up with his new owner and an image taken on Thanksgiving. In early October the housemate found other lodging and the young Lyon family unit, 2 persons and Neptune, moved in with us in Mid-Carmel Valley. The kids are unable to care for, house, train, or regularly exercise Neptune…they are both working full time, taking classes that start in January toward a degree, and cannot find any housing they can afford independent of us that will take Neptune.

Our family consists of myself, my wife, both of us nearing 60 years of age who work full time, and our 14 year old Golden Doodle named Sophie…and now, temporarily, our son, his girlfriend, and Neptune. Upon their arrival, we started a month of weekly dog training sessions with a trainer (California Canine) to establish a general understanding about the Husky breed and to work on obedience and social interaction skills. Neptune was a quick learner and has basic knowledge of simple commands and a few tricks that were instilled to engage his curiosity and to curb sporadic impulses that are not acceptable in a civilized community. That work is not yet done. Most mornings, he runs on-leash with my wife and a neighbor’s lab for about 30 minutes. Each evening, he delights in chasing tennis balls around our property, and he loves hanging around the kitchen as evening meals are prepared. He also studiously chases birds, rabbits, and digs earnestly in search of whatever is beneath the ground. Our property includes roughly ½ acre of fenced outdoor space on top of a hill, where Neptune normally roams in and out of our open back door then around the fenced yard. Most recently he’s developed a passion for looking for weaknesses in the fencing array that keep his mind occupied and reward his diligence with momentary freedom, which requires stressful (on our part) retrieval and time spent in his crate while we repair and augment the fencing.

Neptune is a fine young dog...intelligent, beautiful, healthy, fast, playful, and inquisitive. We love his obvious curiosity and absorption of any and all new experiences, and his desire to be a part of our pack. He is also impulsive, emotional, and at times, destructive when he gets wound up, agitated, or tired out to where his impulse control diminishes as it would a 2 year old human child. Upon his arrival we were most concerned about a detrimental relationship with Sophie, our beloved furry daughter since her inclusion to our family as a 12 week old puppy. As long as food or treats are not present they have gotten along, although the attention we devote to Neptune has distracted from our ability to care for Sophie as she reaches the end of her life. We’re not Husky people, we’re Doodle people, and we need to find a good transition for a very fine dog who now spends most of his time alone.

Please help, or spread the word to expand our search. I can be reached at (831) 601-4718, my wife can be reached at (831) 601-4719.
Stephen & Kirstin Lyon
For more information call Stephen Lyon at 831-601-4718, or email

Southern California

Female, 6 years old, Copper and White, Brown eyes

Layla is Available Do you have a place for me? "Layla" -- We need your help. Because of health reasons, etc. Unfortunately we must get regrettably put our Husky Layla up for adoption. She just turned 6. She is house/potty trained and is used to living indoors,and going outside to do her business without fail. She is absolutely wonderful with kids, other dogs, and cats. She has a wonderful, kind spirit, and is friendly to everyone. She's pretty high energy as you would expect. She's not a guard dog, but a great play buddy and friend. There will be a small rehoming fee. We want her to go to a good loving home.
For more information call Mark House at 661-859-8502, or email

Male, 17 months old, Red and White, Blue eyes

Sasha is Available Do you have a place for me? "Sasha" -- Sasha is a very sweet young dog with lots of energy. He loves his toys and is very good on walks. He has had some training but it would be accurate to say he does still need some work. He was brought to our animal hospital by a good Samaritan looking to see if he was microchipped. She had found him in the Angeles Forest while on a hike with her family. She watched a car pull over, open the door, dump him out and drive away. Unfortunately it happened so quickly they could not get the plate information of the car that dumped him. After he was brought to our hospital we updated his vaccinations and neutered him. He had been placed in the home of the owner of the hospital but sadly he is proving to be a bit too much us. He would do well in a home with other dogs, a big yard to run around in and hopefully some kids to exhaust him. He just has so much energy and is proving too much for an elderly couple. He has a good heart and a sweet disposition.
For more information call Maya Meital at 818-885-8323, or email

Northern Nevada

None listed at this time

Southern Nevada

None listed at this time

Northern Oregon

None listed at this time

Southern Oregon

None listed at this time
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